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What is this website?

I mean, we know it's a website, but what is it really?

This website is proof that I have learned something from the time that I spent on learning how to code. It shows the many different techniques that I could employ to make my website look beautiful. The anchor to the right symbolizes the fact that my work is now "anchored", and cannot be taken away from me.

Who are you?

Tell us something about yourself that is unique.

My name is Zeeshan. I attend a middle school, and for obvious security, I will not give out personal information. My most unique story is that I was on my way to get some rice and tea at a wedding, and the waiter spilt a bit of lit Sterno Gel onto my clothes. I promptly caught fire and I ran around like a crazed donkey before the waiter that set me on fire slapped out the flames. I had to change into my casual clothes, and I had a small ankle burn.

Quote of the week: "Hello World!" -Zeeshan Syed